The Story of Me…

I’m a daydreamer, always have been.While other kids were playing ball or learning to play an instrument I was busy inside my head learning how to fuel my imagination. I love reading books, graphic novels, and watching films because they are the one outlet where I see people getting to create something using only their imagination. The older I got I quickly realized there was only one outlet for me: to become a writer.

I value the inventiveness of original ideas and how I get the chance to be something different every time I sit down at the keyboard. Here I can take on the role of an explorer or a psychologist as I review and analyze films and literature but my favorite form: is that of  a creator. In this role, I get to imagine and daydream as much as I want and share my creations–scripts and works of fiction, with others. In this role there is no limit to what I can put on my canvas.